How to become a Sugar Toyboy

An increasing number of younger men want to Become A Sugar Toyboy. It’s the male version of a female sugar baby. Many prefer dating older successful women, known as sugar mommas. Some are looking to connect with wealthy (bi) men known as sugar daddies. The male sugar baby is not much different to their sugar baby counterparts. In so much as they are looking for a high-end luxury lifestyle courtesy of their wealthy partner. It’s quite common for those seeking an arrangement where their gym membership is paid for. Also, reasonable rent or mortgage costs are covered. The most attractive young adonis males who has an established relationship with their avuncular benefactor will covet such an arrangement. They can also negotiate for some cosmetic surgery procedures. As well as a monthly allowance.


The war in Ukraine with Russia and the resulting cost of living crisis means more and more good looking young men are turning to sugar dating. What was once generally frowned upon by the mainstream media, is now relatively commonplace. Sugar mommas are more selective about the type of handsome young man they will allow in-to their lives.  In most cases mature successful women tend to want to build up a connection before anything intimate happens. But once trust is established, they are more likely to want to treat such a liaison as more than just arm candy. Some sugar toyboys will use this to their advantage, to obtain even more privileges from a wealthy mature date. Rich mature women in their prime (forties) are known to have a higher sexual libido. An attractive young man will know this.


Sugar Toyboy Join Fans/Models Subscription Platform

In the last few years the traditional toyboy have migrated and combine sugaring with having a profile on fans/models platforms like OnlyFans. There are an increasing number of such sites with explicit sexual content. Men with good physiques have started to frequent such sites and create content that women and men subscribe to, paying a monthly fee.

Our sister site launches a fans/models subscription platform in early 2023. To preview the adult slide show, leave your verified email address on the site, for access to the over 18s slide show today.

Versatile confident young men are able to Become A Sugar Toyboy and combine that with content creation. You can contact us via the contact form with any questions you may have.