How i Made $1 million Dating Sugar Daddies

Walk Away From Love.

Secret Benefits – I Made a Million


Secret Benefits – I made a Million – Sugar Coupling. This US based Sugar baby spent most of her adult life as a sugar baby dating rich, older men and her suitors pay for her plastic surgery. The 6ft tall mothers four sugar daddies spend more than $100,000 on her cosmetic surgery. This included tripling her breast size from a 34C to a 34H. However: She is finally in a long term stable relationship after agreeing terms with her favorite Sugar daddy.

Hypergamy is the action frequently taken by sugar babies and others, to secure their future & maximise their efforts in sugar dating, when they ‘ marry up ‘.  If you want to marry in to money, you should consider your long term sugar dating strategy with Hypergamy as the end goal. It’s the dedicated direct action of marrying a person of a superior financial status or class. You can use marrying up to secure your secret benefits position. Notwithstanding that: To acquire this goal you have to find the right sugar daddy and play the long game.

Be His Only Secret Benefits Girlfriend:

Do what a girlfriend would do in all scenarios. In short: Whatever situation arises when you are with him. Behave like his genuine girlfriend would.When done correctly his natural default position will be to treat you to the girlfriend experience without knowing he’s doing so.  Ultimately he will want to protect you, and will not want to share you with anyone else.

Occasional girlfriends.

Secret Benefits – I made a Million. Her youngest children Juliana, and Ymahni, couldn’t be happier when their mother was seeking arrangement. They are regularly treated to exotic holidays and expensive presents by their mother’s Sugar daddies. On balance: Many young women find themselves in a similar predicament. Would you do the same, to improve your lifestyle by dating a rich older man?  A sugar daddy will act as a mentor and provide you with financial support.

Having a long term relationship with an older partner where you maximise your secret benefits is rewarding? Do you want children in the future, if so, ask yourself, does he? You must understand early on, what type of relationship he’s looking for? Is he playing the field, are you just one of many ‘ occasional girlfriends/boyfriends ‘ he has? If your relationship becomes exclusive your family will want to meet him? That’s great if you are proud to introduce him as your boyfriend, as he will be older than your own dad?

Get Your Reward:

In conclusion: The alternative and most common for those seeking arrangement is somewhere in the middle. Have a long term relationship with a sugar daddy that is mutually beneficial, and you become his exclusive ‘ occasional girlfriend/s ‘. Ultimately: This will involve meeting twice a week or more. If you don’t meet often enough he will seek out other ‘ occasional girlfriends ‘. Other GFs will be prepared to put in the effort to secure the reward of a smitten sugar daddy who chases his sugar baby for exclusivity.

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